Magnetic end effector pneumatic 85 kg

End Effectors

Technical data

Lifting capacity

Maximum lifting capacity varies depending on the shape of the object to be lifted.
Note: The lifting capacity is reduced when the center of gravity of the object to be lifted is eccentric.

Steel plate

Thickness ≥15 mm max. 85 kg
Thickness 10 mm max. 70 kg
Note that magnetism under the steel plates can occur with steel plates <15 mm.

Round steel

ø 50-150 mm
Max. length 1000 mm
Max. weight 45 kg


Max. temperature of lifting object 50°C

End Effector's weight

11 kg / 24 lbs

Air supply

Clean dry air, filtered.
Pressure 6,0 -8,0 bar is required


3x safety must be applied on each lifting object


Handle with 5/2 pneumatic valve and swivel included.
No Quick-Lift Arm or Rail system is included


- Quick-coupling, Quick-coupling pin and flange to connect end effector with Quick-Lift control unit.

For more available options see document: Options