Getting the grip with ergonomics

The incidence of repetitive strain injuries due to poor working posture and unnecessary lifting manoeuvres is still far too high and an expensive problem in the industry.We, therefore, develop and manufacture solutions that make it very easy to lift safely. We have gathered expert knowledge required to combine efficiency and ergonomics.
Our control handle embodies the expert knowledge required to combine efficiency and ergonomics. One should not exist without the other.

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Strength is being able to lift 300 kg without effort.

With our lifting solution, minimal hand strength is required to lift up to 300 kg smoothly and with the highest degree of precision. This means that no one needs to suffer repetitive strain injuries due to heavy lifting.

Our ergonomic control handle converts the movement of your hand into electronic signals. You only need to move the handle up or down a few millimeters to raise or lower the goods. The lifting device is literally an extension of the movement of your hand and arm.

Safety is already incorporated

All safety-critical parts of the control system are doubled or monitored. Our industry-unique technical solution means that the risk of errors and mistakes on account of the equipment is extremely low. This means increased safety for you as an operator. There is also built-in protection from human error.

The handle sensors ensure that the control handle detects the movements of your hand correctly. The load cell with built-in auto balance signals green when you can let go of the control handle and move the item by hand. The software of the control system converts the signals from the handle and sends them to the motor, where another monitoring software checks the movement signal.

Easy to connect different end effectors

In addition to our standard end effectors, we design special solutions that are entirely adapted to each item being lifted. So far, we have manufactured over 4,000 different pneumatic, magnetic, mechanical or vacuum actuated end effectors.

The quick coupling makes it easy to connect and disconnect the end effector in a safe and stable manner. This robust coupling works just as well for a hook or a more specialised end effector.

Rotating swivel increases productivity

The wire rope, the compressed-air line and the signal cable always follow the lifting device smoothly thanks to the rotating and robust swivel made of anodised aluminium.
The swivel is standard and effortlessly prevents any unnecessary stops in production.

The swivel made of anodized aluminium, is standard for our lifting devices.
The wire rope is rotation-free, which means that it is subject to less wear and lasts longer.
The signal cable is spiral-shaped and wound around the wire rope as is the compressed-air line. This means that they never get entangled. The signal cable’s swivel connection has special protective casing.

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