A turnkey concept for easy lifting

A cleverly devised handle, well designed lifting devices and knowledge that combines ergonomics and productivity. That sums up Binar Quick-Lift’s turnkey concept.
It is all about creating efficient production processes without compromising your company’s greatest asset: its employees.

Our lifting devices are a good long-term investment. In every way.
With our committed support and a strong sense of service, we make sure that you always get what you want from your customized total solution.

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Overview of your production process.

We will review your circumstances and requirements.
On the basis of the information gathered on your production process, we produce the best solution for you.

Analysis of ergonomics and productivity

We examine how ergonomics together with productivity can be optimized and present a first proposal for a lifting device and an end effector.

Customized end effector

If you need a customized end effector, we will design and build this for you. We consult you regularly throughout the manufacturing process.

Test and validation.

Before the lifting device is installed, we will review it with you.
The participation of your operators and those responsible for your company's ergonomics is recommended in order to confirm the details of each function on the lifting and handling solution.

Installation and training

Our service team will install the lifting device and train your operators and maintenance personnel so that you get the most out of your investment.

Service and support.

The integrated software means that we can monitor the operation of the lifting device remotely. This prevents human error and facilitates troubleshooting. Most problems can be solved quickly without service visits. However, if this is necessary, we will be on site quickly.

Binar Quick-Lift Systems offers the complete solutions.

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Companies benefit from taking care of their employees

"Scientific studies show that from a business point of view it is highly rewarded to invest in a working environment where employees stay healthy.
Binar Quick-Lift provides the big picture and has developed a smart solution for not straining the body. That is sustainability!"

Cecilia Berlin - Associate Professor at Chalmers University Gothenburg Sweden, where she studies production and social sustainability
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All our high expectations were fulfilled

"We invested in our first Quick-Lift in 2013 when were to fill 16-liter cans of paint that weigh 25 kilos each. To not risk restraints it required a smart solution. We were recommended Quick-Lift by other companies in our business Group and our high expectations were really fulfilled. At the end of 2016 we had another Quick-Lift from the latest product series installed."

Hans Melander - Production manager at Caparol, Gothenburg, which is a part of the international paint Group DAW with operations in over 30 countries.
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Wise investments always pay off

"Modern companies whom want to be associated with competence and quality can´t afford to take risks when it comes to working environment.
It´s about taking human responsibility but also about long term productivity that strengthens the company´s brand both with customers and employees.
With our expertise knowledge in lifting technology, ergonomics and industry conditions we contribute to smart solutions that always pay off in the long run."

Johan Ahlström - Managing Director, Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB, Sweden 2007-2017
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A precise and gentle solution

"With the help of two new lifting solutions from Binar Quick-Lift we have simplified several moments and eliminated bad work position. A major advantage of the Quick-Lift is also that we can perform mounting moments while the lifting object is fixed in the end effector. It saves times and reduces risk of damage on the material. Not everyone can stand up to our requirements as the lifting solution needs to be very precise but also gentle on the interior parts that we produce for passenger cars and trucks."

Peter Dahlin - Continuous Improvement Coordinator, IAC Group, Skara Sweden
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