Control box for mechanical end effectors

Control Unit

Technical data

Load capacity

Max. 300 kg / 660 lbs


2.2 kg


High degree of safety is achieved using our intelligent control systems.


L= 248 mm
W = 137 mm
D = 98 mm

Button functions



Unique integrated, mechanical and electrical swivel enables continuous rotation of the control box.

Main functions

When used together with Quick-Lift External handle:
- Handle mode, a smooth lifting operation is performed when the manoeuvre handle is moved up or down.
- Auto balance mode or float mode, the same smooth lifting operation is performed when the operator moves the load it self up or down.
- Electronically controlled gripping function that allows grip or release only when the weight of the work load is not affecting the end effector.
- Automatic power save mode


Note: The Control Box for Mechanical End Effectors has no pneumatic valve nor is there a pneumatic supply through the swivel. Please see the product, Control box with pneumatic 5/2 valve instead
Only to be used with Quick-Lift External handle


- Flange for screw connected end effectors, zinc plated.

For more information see document: Options